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Early research findings suggest screening for lung cancer might be helpful for some categories

PLOS Medicine: Evaluation of the Lung Cancer Risks at Which to Screen Ever- and Never-Smokers: Screening Rules Applied to the PLCO and NLST Cohorts

Evaluation of the Lung Cancer Risks at Which to Screen Ever- and Never-Smokers: Screening Rules Applied to the PLCO and NLST Cohorts

Currently the recommendation is that never-smokers should not be screened.

Smokers aged ≥65–80 y are a high-risk group who may benefit from screening –


It should be remembered that this study compared screening by CT scan VS screening by CXR.

Widely accepted opinion is that the statistical risk of lung cancer has returned to normal in ex-smokers who quit more than 15 years ago however this study suggests – but does not prove – that the lung cancer risk continues beyond that.

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