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https://questionnaire.heydoc.co.uk/00b12823e5163bacafdb6de3994739b63c59e7f7This page has links to all the questionnaires that we use. On completion a new set of case-notes is created in our Clinical Information System (our medical records) and the answers are stored in those case-notes – or if the name/ dob and email address match an existing set of case-notes then the answers are stored in those – and the Dr is notified immediately.

  • Several of these questionnaires consist of two parts – the general New Patient Questionnaire with an extra, appointment-specific section. If you visit the Add-on page first and complete the appointment-specific questions then when you click submit an new page will automatically open showing the full New Patient Questionnaire and you should complete that too. If you’ve already done the New Patient Questionnaire then there’s no need to complete it for a second time.
  • Some of these questionnaires are symptom assessment scales and are only intended for patients who Dr has specifically asked to complete them.
Short Link Type
cld.ht/heydoc All new patients
All appointments (returning patients)
cld.ht/upload Only if documents or files have been requested by Dr
cld.ht/paeds Add-on: New patients under 18 years old
cld.ht/reports Add-on: New patients needing a medical report/ form/ letter
cld.ht/travel Add-on: New patients needing travel advice
cld.ht/overseas Add-on: New patients visiting from abroad
cld.ht/fever Symptom Assessment: Fever in Children
cld.ht/phq Symptom Assessment: Low mood, depression, stress & anxiety symptoms
cld.ht/osa Symptom Assessment: Sleep apnoea symptoms
cld.ht/ipss Symptom Assessment: Men with lower urinary tract symptoms
Symptom Assessment: Review of Red Flag Symptoms
cld.ht/head Symptom Assessment: Head injury  *TBC*
cld.ht/ibssx Symptom Assessment: Irritable Bowel Syndrome/ suspected IBS

Short Link Full URL
cld.ht/heydoc https://questionnaire.heydoc.co.uk/db66c842f1444a2e5c0b397656337aa57fcd9732
cld.ht/upload https://questionnaire.semble.io/ad585f7c1ec1b438d4f283df90bfcc6af56be9c6
cld.ht/paeds https://questionnaire.heydoc.co.uk/d734d41213751f880dc33ceaaa0cd34eca8c2b72
cld.ht/reports https://questionnaire.heydoc.co.uk/62f95951eee13ec6155a35128d23a7d1cb1dd0de
cld.ht/travel https://questionnaire.heydoc.co.uk/fc8ef89c3b5100279e538d76c5f0f312b11b91da
cld.ht/overseas https://questionnaire.heydoc.co.uk/e1c5ec83ab83d3cc003615a76f45d73c96cb2202
cld.ht/fever https://questionnaire.heydoc.co.uk/2340dcc5d067c97ba68fdb66276843c4eed381d0
cld.ht/phq https://questionnaire.heydoc.co.uk/18e64e2e7d5a9ee2a8ebd662b035c6da6ef14fb2
cld.ht/osa https://questionnaire.heydoc.co.uk/da778604ef8c9a75c552bc27dd65c5497de6c4d4
cld.ht/ipss https://questionnaire.heydoc.co.uk/8b4f6c0d44ccf9fbfd3b0b6b09432fe1960786db
cld.ht/head TBC
cld.ht/ibssx https://questionnaire.heydoc.co.uk/66a76dbbc3301c0bd0ada331c76432b29c8269fe