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  • We aim to exceed expectations and we’ve tried to set up the whole Private Practice to do more than just meet patients’ needs but if you’ve got a difficulty or a problem that needs to be sorted out then please call 020 8434 7028 or email Manager@cld.ht directly and we promise that Nathalie, the Practice Manager, will get back to you and do anything we can to help.
  • If you’d like to give anonymous feedback it would be really helpful if you could offer suggestions for improvement and we promise that this webpage and the form below has no cookies or other way of identifying you. If you put your name or contacts in the freetext then we’ll get back to you to say how we’re responding to your comments.
  • If you’re pleased with the service you received from Cloud Health then please do tell us and we might post it as an testimonial (anonymously of course) on the website – ideas below.
  • Or just say whatever you like in the box.

Informative Testimonials:
Real peoples’ own words talking about their own experiences are always a really effective way, if not the most effective way, for potential users of a product or service to get a feel for what to expect so anything you have to say will be valuable. From the point of view of people thinking about coming to see us at Cloud Health if you were to talk about any, or all, of the following six questions then that might help them decide what to do.

Whatever you decide to say please bear in mind that you’re posting to public places and if you use Google or Facebook then you’ll be easily identifiable so please be mindful of your private affairs and medical-in-confidence information.

1. What doubts did you have before booking the appointment and what do you think about them now?

2. What was your situation and what happened to help you with it?

3. What specific thing about the consultation or the care you had left you pleasantly surprised?

4. What else did you like about the consultation, the care you had, the Cloud Health team or the service?

5. What would you say is different about Cloud Health or Dr Kumar-Beurg compared to other GP services?

6. Would you recommend Cloud Health to your friends & family, if so then why?

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