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1. Delayed 2ww: A planned referral of a patient, prompted by a clinical suspicion of cancer, is not sent.
2. Unactioned abN: An abnormal test result is received by a practice but not considered for action, or the considered action is not performed.
3. Teratogenic Rx: Prescribing teratogenic drugs to a patient known to be pregnant.
4. COCP in DVT/ PE: Prescribing combined oral contraceptive after previous confirmed DVT/PE.
5. Unopposed Oest HRT: Prescribing oestrogen-only HRT for women with intact uterus.
6. Documented Allergy: Prescribing a drug to a patient that has correctly been recorded in the practice system as having previously caused them a severe adverse reaction.
7. High Risk Monitoring: Prescribing 'high risk' medication without ensuring adequate monitoring took place and results were satisfactory.
8. Wrong Route: Giving the right drug via the wrong route or at the wrong site.
9. Daily Immunosuppressives: Prescribing methotrexate daily rather than weekly (unless initiated by a specialist for a specific clinical condition, eg leukaemia).
10. Paeds Aspirin: Prescribing aspirin for a patient under 12 years old (unless recommended by a specialist for a specific condition, eg Kawasaki's disease).
11. Assault: Physical assault of patients or healthcare workers.
12. Breached Adv Directive: Ignoring a patient's living will.
13. Intoxicated: A practice team member working while intoxicated.
14. Lost CD: Losing controlled drugs.
15. Anaphylaxis to AE: Not referring a patient presenting with and treated for anaphylaxis to secondary care for observation.
16. NAI: Not referring a child suspected to have non accidental injuries urgently.
17. Visualise Cx os: Performing a cervical smear without visualising the cervical os.
18. Data Backup: A practice does not have an up-to-date and secure backup of their data.
19. Waste: Medical waste and hazardous substances discarded in an inappropriate manner.
20. Broken Resus Equip: Emergency medical equipment, eg defibrillator, is not in working order, maintained, available or checked regularly.
21. Sharps: A needlestick injury due to a failure to dispose of 'sharps' in compliance with national guidance and regulations.
# ^ spc windows
# ! spc files
# spc launcher
# + spc commands
# n notifications
# ` new wspace & jump to it
# c control center
prt whole screenshot to Pictures (^ ctrl to copy to clipboard)
+ prt area screenshot to Pictures (^ ctrl to copy to clipboard)
! prt window screenshot to Pictures (^ ctrl to copy to clipboard)
# ! l regolith looks
# ! r refresh desktop
# r resize mode
# t toggle mode horiz --> vert --> tabbed
# f fullscreen
# , save layout to tmp ... need i3-savetree to save ax sessions
# . restore layout from tmp
# i toggle i3bar
# + f toggle floating
space mark multiple files
i view contents (not edit them)
dd delete (or del)
?? r rename (F2) or (:rename)
:bulkrename (after having space selected several)
dd delete (cut) :: da = cut add to selected
yy yank (copy) :: ya = copy add
pp paste
/ or “:search”
hjkl lt //down // up // rt
^f // ^b fwd // back (? whole page up / down)
+j // +k half page up // down
yd copy directory
yp copy full filepath
r open with
? help // (m)an (k)eybindings (c)ommands (s)ettings
:flat :terminal
! lt //rt fwd // backward
^t // ^w open // close tab
^+t reopen last tab(s)
^tab cycle tabs
^1...9 jump to tab
^e omni-search bar (^l // ^k)
^+b bookmarks (bar)
^+h history
^+del delete history
^+n new incognito window (chrome)
^+p new private window (ffox)
!home homepage
^j downloads
^g // ^h find next // previous (in ^f results)
^o open msg in new tab
^w close tab
F3 find
^+t refresh msgs :: F5 = send/ receive all
^r reply
^+r reply all
^l fwd msg
^+b address book
F8 toggle msg pane
^+enter send later
s toggle star
m toggle read/ unread
1-9 apply tags 1 – 9
0 remove all tags
r rectangle select
u fuzzy select
i intelligent select
+o colour select
^i invert selection
m move
+t scale
+c crop
+r rotate
+f flip
+b bucket fill
+e eraser
n pencil
t text
o colour pick eyedropper
x swap tool colour
p up p dn cycle layers
^+n create new layer
^+d duplicate layer
move current layer up // down
show hide current/ other layers
shrink/ grow tool size
blend L :: smudge s
shft click show layer