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Mr CF, Nov 16

As one of Dr. Kumar-Beurg’s private patients I would like to place on record the following unsolicited observations and assessments.

Dr. Kumar-Beurg possesses a friendly, reassuring and sympathetic manner while maintaining an appropriate professional role distance. By skillfully putting patients at their ease and by being such an attentive listener he successfully builds a relationship of trust and respect. He has a flair for explaining technical and esoteric details in a comprehensible, lucid and engaging fashion.

In his private practice Dr. Kumar-Beurg is able to afford his patients a generosity of time and levels of accessibility and continuity which one rarely finds in the state medical system; while the option of telephone consultations provides a welcome flexibility and added choice.


Google Review – July 2018

Excellent service and follow up. Total dedication and skill.

Miss CD, Jan 17

A wonderful ,pleasant and informative appointments thanks
I am absolutely delighted that I took the advice of my colleagues and sought a second opinion from Cloud Health. My initial consultation was very thorough, with a second consultation following blood tests identifying the cause of extreme pain which I had suffered for several months and which is now being successfully treated.


I am very thankful to have met the friendly Dr. Kumar-Berg. He was very professional and kind. He expressed genuine interest in me as a patient, and took his time during the appointment to hear my doubts and worries, and to explain the possible outcomes instead of rushing me out the door. Much appreciated!

Miss HM, May 2018

Very happy with the care and service received, always very thorough, and never felt rushed!

Mrs AB, Nov 2016

When I had my first consultation with you, which was for the next working day I found you to be friendly and easy to talk to. You gave me a thorough examination and then talked about the different symptoms and as you said it was only guess work (but you were correct). You rightly said that unless further tests were done there could be no conclusion.

Following my visit with you, I went to my GP who referred me and within 2 weeks I was diagnosed and having treatment.

I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and professionalism and making me feel that I was not “depressed” as is always suggested when you continually go to another healthcare provider that can’t be bothered to do more checks.

I would highly recommend your efficient service to anyone who wants a thorough examination, someone who listens and feels comfortable in your care.


I had two appointments with Dr Kumar-Beurg. I was able to get the appointments immediately and at times convenient for me. Dr Kumar-Beurg listened carefully to me and gave extensive explanations of the care he thought was most appropriate.


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