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Thinking Better: Clinical Decision Making & Bias

Podcast Summary: Freakonomics Radio

The podcast doesn’t directly address CDM but (a) it does refer to lessons from psychotherapy and (b) several of the points made can be applied to clinical medicine.

Book Source:

Thinking Better: The Art of the Shortcut in Math and Life, Marcus du Sautoy 

Major Reference:

“Thinking Better” is almost a response to Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast & Thinking Slow” (2011)

Aristotle described work in different ways: Praxis is loved work that is done for its own sake. Poiesis is required work that is done to accomplish a task or purpose (which is probably the actual object of desire) .
(this might be related to Aristotle’s concept of Phronesis, practical wisdom that Roger Neighbour referred to)

One heuristic (cognitive bias) is of generalisation (TBC) = What’s happening around me is what happens elsewhere.

Some problems require slow thinking eg the travelling salesman problem can’t be solved more quickly by using a shortcut
(perhaps there’s a difference between problems with one unique solution and problems with multiple valid alternative outcomes)

Susie Orbach observed that: “It’s hard, impossible to unlearn a language.” ==> Just as we can’t unlearn a language, it’s hard to unwrap, forget or break thought triggers which are often embedded since childhood